Common Sense Affordability:

What are the benefits of keeping Calgary affordable for average citizens?

Economic Growth – A city that wants to grow and attract new investment and labour needs to be cost competitive. People want to move to a vibrant city, but they need to be able to afford to live there.

Quality of Life – People want to know that their children will be able to afford to live in the same neighbourhood that they grew up in.

Municipal leaders and candidates for City Council should be considering how to make affordability for average Calgarians the most important consideration in both budgeting, red tape AND regulation.

Cumulative Operating Spending Growth, Adjusted for Inflation (in %), Source: CFIB

Key Facts:

Questions you should ask council candidates:

1. What specific steps will you take to ensure that Calgary remains as affordable as possible for average families?

2. Over the past 5 years city taxes have increased by 32%. What will you do to hold the line on taxes? Will you commit to a percentage, above which you will not support a tax increase?

3. What regulations and red tape will you eliminate to reduce the regulatory burden on Calgary’s residents and businesses?

4. What do you believe is the appropriate mix of residential to business taxes? Do you believe Calgary has a good balance now? Do you want to shift the burden either towards business or towards residents?