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Common Sense Mobility

The debate about transportation in this city pits one mode of transportation against another. This is the wrong approach. Citizens use all different modes of transportation based on what is most convenient to them for a given purpose:

  • Parents drive to work because they have obligations such as early morning hockey practice, or day-care drop-offs.
  • Other commuters take the C-Train as an efficient mode to get to where they need to be.
  • Many health and environmentally conscious people ride their bikes where they can, while others view it as a recreational activity, or something only for the warm months of summer.
  • People use taxis to get where they need to go conveniently and safely.
  • Different days and different purposes for travel require different modes of transportation.

Let’s bring common sense to the issue of citizen mobility. The city should be more responsive to how people get from place to place and figure out the best way to make that transportation convenient, safe and affordable, REGARDLESS of the mode they choose.

Tom Tom Congestion Index

Key Facts:

  • Calgary is the 23rd most congested city in North America  (Source: Tom Tom International). Calgary was 26th most congested in 2012.
Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 5.49.23 PM
  • Calgary drivers are delayed 30 mins during daily peak periods. That amounts to 76 hrs in added travel time annually.
Calgary Traffic by Mode
  • 77% Calgarians choose to use personal vehicles as the way to commute around the city (2011).
  • City of Calgary transportation expenditures increased 76% from 2008 to 2012 ($450 million to $794 million).
  • From 2010 to 2012 (Manning Foundation Report), on the Calgary Transportation Plan principles, only 5 out of 26 are directed at reducing time and money costs that Calgarians currently choose to make
  • Transit expenditures rose by 19% (Source: City of Calgary)
  • Road, traffic and parking expenditures fell by 24% (Source: City of Calgary)

Questions you should ask your City Councillor:

1. Do you believe it is City Hall’s job to set arbitrary targets to change people’s commuter behavior around the city? Or is it city Hall’s job to enhance mobility options so people can get around the city more easily?

2. The recent Tom Tom Index found that in Calgary it takes about 21% more time to get around due to traffic? What are you going to do to help decrease this lost personal time? Or is this acceptable to you?

3. Are you committed to helping commuters move around Calgary on major highways?